Intelligent Idc-30, Idc Series Counting Scale

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Intelligent Weighing, IDC-30, IDC Series 30 lb / 15000 g Dual Channel Counting Scale Features Intell-Count™ Dual Channel Counting Scale Easy Connection to Second Platform 60,000 Displayed Divisions Internal Rechargeable Battery lb / kg Conversion RS 232 Configurable Interface Benefits Easy to use keyboard arrangement and menu - makes training and operation simple, reducing mistkaes 99 PLU capacity - frequently used component sample weights can be stored for easy retrieval RS 232 interface - allows communication with peripheral data collection and printing instruments One key calibration function - calibration is simple, ensuring that the scale will be calibrated often during use 100% subtractive tare - enables the weight of containers to be ignored Large, bright backlit display - easy to read in all lighting conditions including bright sunlight Internal rechargeable battery - portability - can be used in various locatioins without access to a wall outlet (battery life approximately 90 hours)