Labtag Autc-84C3-1Ye, Autoclave-Resistant Thermal Transfer Label

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LabTAG, AUTC-84C3-1YE, Autoclave-Resistant Thermal Transfer Labels 2" x 4", 1,000, Core 3", Yellow Autoclave-resistant Thermal-transfer Labels High temperature opaque labels for identification of various containers and surfaces for autoclaving and dry heat sterilization

Ideal for identification of containers and surfaces that need to be sterilized inside autoclaves, dry-heat sterilizing equipment and gamma irradiators

Temperature range from -60 ordm C to 150 ordm C From -76 ordm F to 300 ordm F

The labels and the print will survive high temperature exposures

The labels can be applied to metal, plastic and glass surfaces and withstand autoclave sterilization cycles at 132 ordm C 270 ordm F at 30psi pressure

Waterproof, weatherproof, thermal-transfer printable.